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Can You Domesticate God?

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By Pastor Bill Gaube

I have a nasty habit of trying to domesticate God. It’s hard to keep him on a leash so he will not get into certain parts of my life. I certainly do have to put a muzzle on him lest he say something embarrassing. He is terrible to walk with because he often wants to go different ways than I do. And teaching him tricks is so hard because he seems more interested in training me.

Let’s face it: God is hard to understand. He created the earth and threw the stars into space. He set in motion laws of the universe we still are trying to figure out. His power is beyond our comprehension and his justice is so pure that we fall before it. We start to boast and explain ourselves and he reveals he knows our inner hearts already.

Maybe we should just bow before this one who explodes with power, wisdom, righteousness and justice. How? By hearing his heart of love. He revealed his love in his son Jesus. Be captured by the truth that “God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son.” Hear Jesus’ heart of love when he cried over Jerusalem saying how oft he would have gathered them as a hen gathers her chicks … but they would not.

True, we can’t fully understand God, but we can know him because he invites us through the cross of his son Jesus Christ. Be humbled that the great God who molded the earth and flung the stars in space, says to you “Come unto me … and I will give you rest.” His great grace, mercy and love motivates him to forgive us. Then Jesus said I will give you life and life more abundant.

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