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Green Creations

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By Pastor Bryce Cooley

It’s been a few months since our team returned home from Jordan but reminders of our time there are peppered through mine and Bethany’s home. Whether it be the gifts we received from Ahmed and Asma, a brother and sister from our class, trinkets we purchased overseas, photos we took or jewelry from the Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Green Creations.

The majority of our time in Jordan was spent in Amman, the capital city. However, for a day and a half we visited some field workers in Aqaba, along the Red Sea. It was amazing to see the impact they were having on the community around them. Bethany and I became fast friends with a couple named Luke and Joselyn, field workers who began the NPO Green Creations. Their heart for the Muslim woman they ministered too was exciting to see as well as the creative way in which they were doing it.

Green Creations is an accesories store (wallets, watches, ear rings, necklaces, purses etc). But this is not your normal run of the mill product. All of their products are made by hand from recycled materials (sea glass, paper, plastic, aluminum). Each piece is made by a Muslim woman they employ. These woman work out of the Life Center in Aqaba and use the money they earn at this job to cover medical bills, education costs and food. This job has given them a voice in their family as well as a second family in the woman they work with.

As I walked into the Life Center I was directed to the second floor. Opening the door, I was welcomed by 12 smiling faces of woman meticulously crafting jewelry. The detailed work these woman do with such limited supplies is a site to see. Many of the woman do not speak English so I was introduced by Luke Glaze the field worker in charge. The woman all smiled and joked in Arabic as I walked around and videotaped, trying not to be my typical clumsy self. Later on Bethany came in and I was told by Luke that all the woman were captivated by her beauty. Bethany had a wonderful time walking around and seeing what each woman was doing.

Earlier I mentioned that we had jewelry from Green Creations that reminds us of our time in Jordan. We didn’t buy jewelry but we bought it home to sell in order to raise money for the ministry being done there. In November, I have been given an exciting opportunity to share about Green Creations at church and will have some of this jewelry for people to purchase to support the good work being done in Aqaba. I hope you can get behind this; it has been a blessing doing our part.

The Green Creations facebook page can be foundĀ here.

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