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The Pastoral Transition Team’s new blog is here! On it, you can learn about the pastoral transition process and what the team is doing. We want everyone to know just what is happening.  Check back weekly to hear about new developments. 

October 1, 2017

As Cordova Neighborhood Church continues to pursue our next lead pastor, it can sometimes become difficult to distinguish where we are in the process. Completion of the recent surveys will provide insight for the next lead pastor regarding ways he may want to engage our community and church. It also helps us to evaluate whether a candidate would be a good fit for our church.
It’s expected that the unsettled nature of a transition like this can cause people to ask when the process will move along. We know the Governing Board and Elders have decided to consider Pastor Phil but when will this happen?
Pastor Phil will officially candidate the week of October 15-21. That Sunday he will share his heart for the community and vision for the church. Throughout the week we will all have opportunities to connect with him and ask our questions.
We will have open meetings during the evenings on Monday and Tuesday, October 16 and 17 with Phil so he can answer questions. You are invited to attend either of those meetings. The Tuesday meeting will be part of the Waymen Brotherhood regular meeting. If you would like to schedule a time to meet with Pastor Phill individually during his candidating week, please contact the church office.
In all of this we should prayerfully consider whether we believe he is the man Jesus would have oversee the next chapter in the life of Cordova Neighborhood Church. We look forward to the good things Christ has in mind for us in the days ahead.



September 20, 2017  Thank you to all who participated in the church survey.  Your opinions will be compiled to give us a better understanding of our current standing and future desires of the congregation.  If you did not get a chance to turn in a survey, please notify the church office so we can get one to you.  You may also talk to one of the leaders or transition team members to express your questions or concerns.  God bless you.

August 30, 2017The Transition Team is making good progress with the church survey and we will be sharing more information about it with the congregation on Sunday.  The survey results will help us put together a church profile, which in turn will enable to us to develop a pastor profile.

This is the first big step in the transition process, and we are excited to be getting things underway.
August 16, 2017
Have you ever put together a puzzle, or started an art project?  Putting together a picture of our church both now, and going forward, is kind of like that.   We see a beautiful outcome, but getting the pieces in place takes time and effort.
The Transition Team is now in the process of drawing up questions for the survey which will be conducted within the congregation in the fall.  (We will let you know a more specific date when the survey is ready).
Thank you all for your prayers.  We know God will equip us as we trust in Him.
August 8, 2017
Our God is able!

Our transition team met for the third time, to go over a recent demographic study conducted by the Percept Group.  This 2017 view of our area (within a 5 mile radius of our church) turned up some interesting facts about our community.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Diversity – the area is very diverse in terms of lifestyle and ethnicity.  Our next pastor should speak to our diversity and make everyone feel welcome.
  • Family Structure – approximately half of the adult population are either single (have never been married), single parents, divorced, or widowed, so a pastor should be inclusive of all these groups in his or her teachings.  Programs such as offering an evening of free babysitting to single parents would be one way to attract this sector of the population.
  • Church Program Preference – the population in this area shows a very high interest in recreation.  Dan talked about attracting people by offering recreational programs and developing communication and relationships with them.  In this way we show them we care about them and help them see Christ and trust God.  As Dan put it, “If people see you care, they will respond.”
  • Religious Preference – people are open to anything authentic and helpful.  In the study area, 76.3% of the households are likely to express a preference to some particular religious tradition or affiliation, well below the national average of 85.1%.

With this information we start to see a clear picture of who we serve; yet above all, we know our God is able.  Our prayer is that God will fill this church with joy.

August 1, 2017
Transitions can be so hard.  For me even packing for a trip starts about a hundred different scenarios going on in my head.  Yet, each time I make plans with a specific goal in mind, the planning and the outcome are worthwhile.
Our Transition Team is already working hard to come up with plans to make our journey worthwhile, and in step with God’s will.  We are studying church demographics and coming up with a good picture of how to serve this community.  Our goal is to fit the right leader with our congregation and our surrounding area. 
Thanks to Dan Russell with the Central Pacific District C&MA, we already have an outline of steps to take.  Each Sunday morning the team will meet to discuss our progress.  It is very early in the process and we have begun gathering information.   We will be studying data, and then conducting a survey within the church.   We will be giving you regular updates and answering questions as well.   
For now, please be in prayer for our church, and Pastor Mike.  We look forward to seeing what God is doing through us.

July 27, 2017

As you have heard, Pastor Mike feels God’s call to multiply “our” story through additional leadership development with the C&MA District. As we look ahead, we want you to be informed regarding the transition. We also want every person at Cordova Neighborhood Church to be involved in discerning God’s best for our church and community.

We have outlined the following process with the assistance of Dr. Dan Russell, who has tremendous expertise in church transitions. This process is likely to take several months, but we will continue to keep you updated and seek input along the way.

Steps For The Transition

1 Pray – we want to be aligned with Jesus’ desires for His church body at CNC

2 Transition Committee – the committee will work to guide CNC through the process, solicit feedback, and compile the appropriate profiles

3 Church Profile – this document will help us better understand who we are today and where we want to grow and go

4 Pastor Profile – together we want to define what we are looking for in a lead pastor, essentially crafting a job description

5 Interview the Candidate(s) – candidates will be evaluated one-at-a-time alongside our profiles by the Transition Committee, Congregation, Governing Board, and Elders until the new lead pastor is called
We anticipate the final step to start mid-September, but the first (and constant) step is prayer. We encourage you to join the ongoing congregation prayer time on Sundays at 8:30am that meets in the Kids Ministry area. More information regarding steps will be provided as we move forward together.

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