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Secret Sister starts soon!

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secret sister

By Marsha Thompson

What is the Secret Sister program, you ask?

The Secret Sister program is a women’s prayer ministry that runs from March through August each year. The most important commitment each women makes is to pray daily for her Secret Sister’s welfare and any needs she has indicated on the form she submitted.

We also ask that you attempt to communicate with her in some way every month – – cards, notes, messages left in the message box at the Secret Sister bookcase, etc.

How do I become a Secret Sister?
There are forms available on the Secret Sister shelves in the narthex or download here. Complete the form and return to Marsha Thompson by February 15 (in person or drop it in one of the offering boxes). Instructions are on the form.

Do I have to buy presents for my secret sister every month?
No, you don’t. We do ask that you give your SS a gift on her birthday and at the reveal party.

How will I learn who my “secret sister” is that I will be praying for?
The week of March 1 you should receive, via US mail, the “All About Me” form that your Secret Sister has completed, along with suggestions for carrying out your commitment. Please keep her info confidential. Then, just have fun!!

How will I discover which secret sister has been praying for me?
There will be a Secret Sister Reveal party on September 11, at 10am at the church. At that time please bring a gift for your Secret Sister and enclose a card revealing your identity. In turn, you will be gifted by your Secret Sister and her identity revealed.

I am praying that everyone will be blessed in this sharing of God’s love. Thank you for participating.

Questions? Contact me, Marsha Thompson, though the church office at 635-5992

>>Download the Secret Sister Form (PDF)

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