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We’re Going to Mexico!

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Pastor Phil Cooley
We’re going to Mexico! In March, 2018 we will travel to Mexicali, Mexico to spend a week at our Christian and Missionary Alliance Mexicali base. Our hope is that you will join us. Seriously, I mean you. This trip is not a “youth” missions trip. We want to see all age groups go and serve as the body of Christ, located at Cordova Neighborhood Church. Be a part of the mission!
Our goal for this trip is threefold. First, we expect that each person that goes will have their life changed as they experience God’s mighty work among the people of Mexico. The reality is that Mexicali is an impoverished area of the world. What you see there will weigh on your heart and mind. But I know from my own experiences that the reflections that comes from such encounters will bless you. You will have a newfound understanding of God’s blessing in your life as you compare our way of life here to that of the people of Mexicali. At the same time, you will encounter fellow believers of Jesus Christ, living in the relative poverty of Mexicali, that are full of the joy and the hope that God promises. Their testimony will be a reminder that our God is mighty, that he can redeem all things, and that his goodness is not limited by our circumstances. This is the “us” part of our goal but it is not the most significant reason that we go.
The second reason we go is to bless and encourage the full-time workers ministering out of the Mexicali base. We go to serve the base director Gil Blanco, his family, and the others who work on the base and live full time in Mexicali. We will serve them by accomplishing projects on the base that Gil has identified as important to the vision that God has placed on his heart. We know that this will include a building project to add additional sleeping quarters for future mission trips. We expect that we will also help with general maintenance and anything else that he sees as a need. The goal is to leave Gil and his team feeling that our presence blessed him and the work that God has given him to do. But our time will not limited to the base.
In the midst of serving the base, we will also make time to bring the love of Jesus and his good news to the people of Mexicali. Working with Gil, we will identify opportunities in the community to serve the people of Mexicali. In the past this has included things like vacation bible school, homeless outreach, and service to orphans. Again, we go, not with our own agenda, but following the leading of Gil who knows the people of his community and their needs. We look forward to working with him to identify how best we can serve the community.
There you have it. If you go, you can expect to see blessing for you, for Gil and his people, and for the people of Mexico. God is mighty and amazing and he wants to share himself with us. Join us as we experience the goodness of our Heavenly Father.
There will be an informational meeting after  the 11:00 service on Sunday, October 29. Plan on attending that and in the meantime, mark your calendars, “Mexicali Mission Trip” March 24 to April 1.
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