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Be a Part of the Team

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By Pastor Phil Cooley
On March 24, 2018, nineteen members of Cordova Neighborhood Church are going to Ejido Guanajuato, Baja California, Mexico. I would guess that you have never heard of the town of Ejido Guanajuato.  Just as I, a resident of Rancho Cordova, California, tell people unfamiliar with our region that “I am from Sacramento”, I will tell all of you that we are headed to Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico.
While in Ejido Guanajuato, we will be serving the Christian and Missionary Alliance base located there as well as minister to the surrounding community and the people of Mexicali. Our team is anxious to live out the command to “Go…”
I am excited about the people who are on the team. The team ranges in age from 12 to about 75. Men and women are going in equal numbers. We have Spanish speakers, guitar players, singers, engineers, students, former missionaries and of course nineteen people that have the heart AND time to share the love of Jesus with the people of Mexico. I also found out that one of our team members was once accused by the KGB of smuggling Bibles into the Soviet Union (spoiler alert- they were smuggling Bibles). Did I not say we have a great team! You can see all of them on the wall in the church lobbynext time you’re in the church building.
But here’s the best part!
Our team can, and I hope will, get bigger. This is possible because you can be a part of our team. Of course, going may not be a possibility but there are two significant ways you can be part of the team. First, we can use your prayer. You can pray for the team as a whole that we will continue to bond as one unified body free from division. Pray that our preparation allows us to serve well. Pray for our safety as we travel. Pray for those we are leaving behind as they carry the burden of our absence. Most importantly, pray that God is made known and that the people we come in contact with will put their faith and trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We go knowing that you will be with us in Spirit through the ministry of prayer.
Finally, you can be a part of the team by supporting us financially. There are eight team members that cannot go without financial support. Please consider partnering with us through your giving. The cost to send those eight team members is a total of $4,000. We are not asking any one individual to cover the whole cost. (For the record we will not say no to that one individual!) But perhaps you are being called to give something above and beyond your normal giving. Whatever the amount, know that in giving to the trip you become part of it. Every report you hear via social media or in the Sunday services following our return you will know that you were a part of what was done in Mexico. This trip is an extension of our ministry of God’s love to the world and giving to it is a concrete expression of that love. Thank you for considering what God might be asking you to give.
Again, let me say, we are so excited to go. We know that it will be hard work and all of us will be stretched and changed by what God has in store for us while we are there, but I would want it no other way. Who knows, perhaps this trip will lead to a new generation of those who risk interrogation from secret police or worse so that the Good News of Jesus Christ is known throughout the world. Join us on His adventure.
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