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Multiply: What’s next?

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The Multiply series is in full swing at Cordova Neighborhood Church and there is much to be thankful for. Our small groups have met faithfully now for almost two months and out of that time spent gathering relationships have formed and deepened. Even better, seven members of one of the small groups heard the call and were baptized on Sunday, October 29. Many participants have reported what a blessing the material has been to them, appreciating both its simplicity and firm rooting in the Bible. We are very excited for the impact that Multiply is having on our church family and are excited to see it continue.
Beginning Sunday, November 12 I will unpack Part 3 of the Multiply series, which is focused on the importance of the Bible. In those three weeks I will cover the questions of “Why study the Bible?”, “How to study the Bible prayerfully and obediently?”, and finally “How to study the Bible logically?”. I look forward to exploring all three, but I must say I am particularly looking forward to walking through how we can, and I think must, study the Bible with our full being, including our mind. There is a lie in the world that Christians check their brain at the door when it comes time to read the Bible and worship God. I look forward to dispelling that myth. But as I said, I am excited to answer all three questions so that all of us might feel well equipped for studying God’s word, instead of feeling that it is some sort of airplane black box, impossible to understand except by experts.
By the time I have finished Part 3, we will have worked our way through the fundamental questions of “What is a disciple?”, “What is the purpose of the church, both locally and globally?”, and finally “What is the purpose of the Bible and how do I study it well?”. Our hope, which we already see being realized, is that each of us will be better equipped to carry out the work of being a disciple who make disciples.
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