A Small Gift with Meaning

At Rose of Sharon church in South Africa, young Titus was amazed to find a word search—something he had always wanted—in his shoebox. Gripping the yellow book, Titus told everyone he could about his gift.

"This is my best day. I'm so happy," Titus said when he received his shoebox gift.

“A word search is my favorite thing! And I wanted this thing like miles ago!” Titus said. “This is my best day. I’m so happy.”

Before Titus received his shoebox, Pastor Ernest Yenkesamy began the service by explaining that the gifts are a demonstration of God’s love for each child.

“On the other part of the world, miles and miles, kilometers away, somebody loves you. You are special in the eyes of God, and that is why you are going to receive a gift,” Pastor Ernest said to the children.

Through his shoebox gift, Titus saw God’s love for him in action. He was stunned that God placed a word search, something simple yet significant to him, into his hands.

In October, we will distribute shoeboxes that can be filled for children all across the world.  Pick one up and let God use you in the life of a child.

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