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Pastor Phil Cooley

In my last article, I provided a preview of our Summer of Community.  I am excited for all the events planned and thankful that our first event, last Sunday, the first of several all-church breakfasts went wonderfully. But today I want to highlight two events that will give us opportunity to develop relationships with our Armenian brothers and sisters in Christ who share our building and hold their services on Sunday afternoons. 

But first some background for those unaware.

Last summer, Pastor John Kazaryan approached our church with a need.  His congregation had recently learned that their landlord was raising the rent and the new lease would be too expensive for the church.  Pastor John began looking and quickly saw our building as a promising option.  He and I spoke about the possibility of renting our building for service and ministry.  

From that very first conversation, it was clear that Pastor John loved the Lord, the Gospel, and the people of Rancho Cordova: things dear to my heart as well.  I brought the request to the attention of the Elders and the Board and there was universal agreement: God has blessed us with a building and property in the heart of Rancho Cordova, we wanted to use that blessing to bless others.  And so, since the fall Pastor John and his congregation have been meeting here Sunday afternoons and several times during the week, worshipping and serving God.

This pattern of sharing our building with other congregations is nothing new.  In the 1980’s and ‘90’s we shared our building with the Hmong community. In the early 2000’s, we shared our building with the Arabic church.  Most recently we helped a tiny Korean church get their footing as they planted a Korean congregation.  We have a long history of sharing our blessings with the body of Christ.  Pastor John and his congregation are part of that legacy.

With that as the background, I am delighted to highlight that on Sunday, July 28, and Sunday, August 18 we will fellowship with Pastor John and his church.  On July 28, we will serve breakfast as the body of Christ to our neighbors.  Then on August 18 Cordova Neighborhood Church and our Armenian brothers and sisters in Christ will worship as one body at 11:00am and then enjoy lunch together after service.

These events will be a great time to get to know and encourage each other as we seek to love and serve our Lord.

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