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Meet our leaders at Cordova Neighborhood Church.

staff photo- phil.jpeg

Phil Cooley

Lead Pastor

Pastor Phil Cooley deeply desires to lead the church in reflecting the wonderful diversity of God’s people and the city of Rancho Cordova.


Cheryl Oldham

KidMin Director

Cheryl's description and photo to be posted soon!


Leadership Boards

Elders and Board of Directors

Our Elders care for the spiritual need of the church. The Board handles the church finances and property.

staff photo- susan.jpeg

Susan Wright

Seniors' and Women's Pastor

Pastor Susan's goal for her ministries is  that members get to know one another better and get to know God better.

staff photo- mike.jpeg

Michael Washabaugh

Youth Director

Michael started out as a department volunteer and is now director. He is dedicated to the teens in Rancho Cordova.

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