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CNC Garden

Pumpkin Patch and Melon Mounds

Our team of volunteers created a 19 mound garden over the span of 10,000 sq. ft. The pumpkin patch has 16 mounds of 7 varieties of pumpkins. The other 3 mounds contain cantaloupe and watermelon. Each mound also has corn growing to help us find the mounds once the pumpkin vines start to branch out! A water conserving drip system is set in place to water only the mounds through emitters.


Hugelkultur Garden Beds

Hugelkultur is German for "hill culture/hill mound". It is a gardening technique that involves layers of decaying wood, mulch, straw, and soil to build a raised bed without permanent structure. This method works well in our garden because we had a few fallen tree branches to clean up around the property and a huge donation of mulch from Chip Drop. The mounds also use this technique but on a smaller scale.

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