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Glorifying God in Word and Deed

Happy New Year! 2019 is upon us and with its arrival is the arrival of my first anniversary as the Lead Pastor of Cordova Neighborhood Church. It was a pleasure serving the church in my new capacity this year. I have been blessed to see our church continue to minister to our community and to build deeper relationships with one another. I am looking forward to how our fellowship and presence in the community continues to grow in the new year. I also look forward to continuing leading the church in the study and understanding of God’s word.

As the new year begins, we continue our study of Philippians, exploring what it means to have the “mindset of Jesus Christ.” I anticipate completing our Philippians series in mid-February. When the series ends, we will begin a new series focused on the theological significance of some classic and perhaps less well-known hymns. Each Sunday we will learn the meaning of the given hymn and then glorify the Lord, as a body, as we sing the hymn. I hope that it will minister to all, both those that have cherished some of these songs for decades and those hearing them for the first time.

Both in the ministries and outreaches of our church and our exploration of the hymns of the church I am excited to see how 2019 will bring glory to God who is deserving of praise.


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