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Summer of Community

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Pastor Phil Cooley

Summer is nearly upon us …or it isn’t (cold rain in May?!?). Well the weather will do what it wants and so shall we. Beginning on Sunday, June 23 we will begin our second year of Summer of Community. Our intent is to come together as a church family, establishing and growing relationships within our church and with our community every Sunday at 9:30 AM. Throughout the summer, we will gather as a church in pursuit of these ends. This is what our Summer of Community will look like.

  • June 23 Church Breakfast Food and Fellowship, a classic.

  • June 30 Prayer Walk Find a comfy pew or walk our property as we pray for our people, our neighbors, and our community.

  • July 2 (Tuesday)- Church BBQ BBQ. Don’t miss it. Last year was a blast.

  • July 7- Walk/Ride Bring your bike or walking shoes and enjoy a morning of light exercise and wonderful conversation.

  • July 14- Church Breakfast

  • July 21- Ice Cream and Ephesians Eat some ice cream, read Ephesians. A delicious combination.

  • July 28- Community Service Breakfast Sharing the love of Jesus to our community through pancakes and bacon.

  • August 4- Church Breakfast

  • August 11- Serve Cordova Neighborhood Church Change a dead light bulb, pull some weeds, disinfect nursery toys. In other words, love on the building that blesses us every week.

  • August 18- Service and Lunch with the Armenian ChurchWe will worship together with our Armenian brothers and sisters who make CNC their home on Sunday afternoons. Lunch afterwards.

  • August 25- Church Breakfast

Our summer will be full. We know that all will be blessed through this time of fellowship and service. I can’t wait!


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