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2020 Mexicali Missions Trip Update

Jon Robertson We’re delighted to report that we have a team going to Mexicali, April 4 through 11 this year. God is good and willing to lead us. Gil Blanco, Mexicali Mission Base Director, and

his team are also very thankful for our willingness to invest in their ministry and local people. We will be the only team there at this time.

During our visit, we will be participating in various outreach ministries including: at an orphanage, a homeless ministry, at Gil’s church where we will provide Vacation Bible School during the early evenings and other not yet identified opportunities. In addition, we will be working on some projects at the base and at the new church. There is still room for you to join us.

However, if you would like to be a part of this outreach to Mexicali without actually going on the journey, consider these ways to partner with us:

  1. Pray for the team for: planning, health, travel, safety, fruitful ministry, etc.

  2. Donate funds to help meet the unknown needs we always discover after arriving in Mexico. (Like our benevolence fund but for people in Mexico)

  3. Help purchase items or provide funds to purchase items for 20 backpacks we will be distributing during our visit. Items like: toiletries, school supplies, small toys, surprises, etc. are needed. These backpacks will be given to the girls at the orphanage (5) and to children who attend Gil’s new church located about 10 miles away from the mission where we will be providing a Vacation Bible School experience.

  4. Provide craft ideas and supplies for the Vacation Bible School (for around 50 children) or help fund other Vacation Bible School craft supplies.

  5. Provide new or used sports equipment to be used during the Vacation Bible School and at the mission: soccer balls, volley balls, footballs, frisbees, small and large play balls, jump ropes, etc.

May God bless you richly for demonstrating practical compassion to our brothers and sisters in Mexico. They will praise God for your kindness. Please direct your questions about this trip and how to participate to Jon Robertson, our mission trip team leader, at


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